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Git a good look at 'em!!

The Posse


“Trail Boss” Gary Stoner, Northumberland Pa. Lead vocals and acoustic guitar.  Gary has been a-croonin’ on the trail for many years.  Singin’ at weddings as a young cowpoke, he’s always had a hankerin’ for the cowboy genre.  He now finds himself in Stetson hat and cowhide boots headin’ up this posse of midlife buckaroos.
"Miss Alison”  Alison Rupert, Hughesville Pa.  Vocals and percussion. There’s no doubtin’ it folks, she’s truly the rose among the thorns and all the fans agree.  She spurs the Cowboys into a whole ‘nother stampede of entertainment.  You’ll want to jump on the buckboard and ride along when you hear Miss Alison yodel her way down the trail as the band’s Cowboy’s Sweetheart!                         
“Bluesman” Chris Trasatti, Pitman Pa. Harmonica and vocals. Blues, country, or any genre, Chris can play ‘em all on the harmonica.  You just gotta hear this young buckaroo hit the high notes cause all the dogs at the ranch can.  There's nothin he doesn't miss exceptin' for the lumps he took from Mama's rollin' pin.
“Range Rovin” Richard Rupert, Hughesville Pa. Bass guitar, fiddle and vocals. Oozin’ more talent than seems humanly possible, Richard keeps the Cowboys in step with his big bad bass.  He’s the pardner they count on to make sure they’re plinkin’ the right notes.  He knows not to range out too far as his wife, Miss Alison, keeps this rovin’ Cowboy roped in.
“Saddle Sore” Mike Celline, Montoursville, Pa.  Drums. His natural cowboy spirit has kept him high in the saddle on the trail with many bands.  He found his true cattle call keeping the MidLife Cowboys all galloping together. This Cowboy is quick with his sticks and quick with his wits.
"Buckaroo" Bob Gift, Paxtonville, Pa. Lead guitar, ukulele and vocals.  Yep, he's an award winning cowboy of sharp shootin' competition and equally as sharp when he fires off a lead on the telecaster.  No stranger to the stage as he's been there...done that.  His musical prowess is as wide as the range and the depth of his knowledge of all genres runs deeper than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. 

"Chuckwagon Master" Wayne Krebs, Danville Pa.  All around ranch hand and wrangler, Wayne makes sure the wagon train keeps a rollin' and none of the wheels are fallin' off.  If anything needs fixin' he pulls somethin' out of his saddle bag and gets 'er done.  He wears many hats and he knows how to take care of the buckaroos at every turn in the trail.... just like Mama used to.